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The extensive level of experience shown by our team of seasoned technical engineers provides you with a single point of contact for your communications, network management, hosting, and development needs.

Traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) give you a single service: bandwidth. In contrast, X85's mission is to be your Application Services Provider. We are ideally suited to developing quality long-term relationships with good clients who can make use of our team's full range of skills.

Outsourcing your IT needs to X85 enables you to develop a web eBusiness presence that ties in to your network via database middleware. X85 can then handle ongoing network maintenance and ensure that your business servers work optimally.

X85 gives you the competitive advantage. If you need to establish a node-to-node connection between continents, develop a presence on the Internet, build and roll out an enterprise Web-based application, or organize your organization's internal network, consider X85. Contact our sales department at 312-296-5673 or email sales@x85.com.